One Late Summer Week in Tyrol

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From 19th to 26th of September 2014 I will stay for one week in South Tyrol. After a short Germanwings flight from Hamburg to Stuttgart I meet the others of our small hiking group before we are heading south by car, passing Füssen and Innsbruck, as well as the Brenner to Lajen in South Tyrol, Italy. 

The 2,600-resident community is located at the entrance of the Val Gardena and will be the start and end point of our six days tour. So our "base camp" is the pension Haus Tirol. A first night must be enough for acclimatization. 

"Val Gardena 2000"

During the following six days we will have a hiking round around Val Gardena, always above the 6.500ft level. This tour is often described as a "Val Gardena 2000", because with being always higher than 6.500ft you are also always higher than 2.000m.

Five mountain huts are waiting to offer us - partially above the tree line - shelter for the night, stunning views will compensate energy-sapping climbs and hopefully we dive into the nature of the late-summer mountains of South Tyrol. As much as possible I will report with photos and blogposts from this tour.

Facing South Tyrol

Looking forward to something is well known to be the greatest pleasure, but it also must be kept in check. So I decided to take this little website for it. I easily started this new Jimdo website, selected one of the ready-to-use templates, placed a bit of content here, did a bit of styling there and - et voilà - this homepage was ready.

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Nice little helpers from the App-Store

Due to living in the 21st century, there are a lot of apps and tools for the smartphones for hiking. The AppStore is full with apps for navigation, for tracking of the hike, for the weather, for posting of pictures and so on. I have loaded three apps for this trip on my iPhone:, Jimdo and Maps 3D.

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German Alpine Club

From today I am a proud member of the German Alpine Club (German: Deutscher Alpen Verein, DAV). With the upcoming hiking tour, in addition to the numerous ski holidays that makes finally more than sense. 

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Luis Trenker, mountain film icon

If you are in Val Gardena or - like us - you hike over the Geisler group, the Sella Group, the Sasso Lungo, the Schlern or on the Seiser Alm, you can not miss a famous son of the valley - Luis Trenker. The climber, filmmaker, director and writer was born in 1892 in St. Ulrich in Gröden (ital. Ortisei) which was part of Austria-Hungary in that time.

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Tomoz we'll start - everything is backpacked

On longer holiday trips 20, 25 or 30 kilos of luggage are reached easily. Mostly hereby the free baggage allowance of the airlines or the case size is the limiting factor. During a hike it looks different because each additional pound must be carried along in a backpack at every step. A quarter of the own body weight should be the maximum, one-tenth is considered as optimal.

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Upgrade please..!

The journey starts with an upgrade from second to first class but together with an downgrade from plain to train. Because of a broken airplane my flight was canceled. 
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Hello Stuttgart..!

Finally I arrived in Stuttgart. A bit later than expected but I made it. Now waiting for the others.
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On Passo del Brennero

"Süden voraus, hinter Tunnels und Staus,
schon Milano in Sicht.
Kein Blick zurück auf dem Weg in das Glück,
das Italien verspricht.
Spiele am Strand, schöne Mädchen zur Hand,
Blicke, die sich versteh'n.
Himmel und Meer, Open End, Open Air,
Freunde - das woll'n wir seh'n.

Wir sind schon auf dem Brenner,
wir brennen schon darauf.
Wir sind schon auf dem Brenner,
ja, da kommt Freude auf!"


"The south ahead, behind tunnels and traffic jams,
is Milano already in sight.
Don't look back on the way into the luck,
which Italy promisses.
Games at the beach, hand in hand with girls,
looks streight into the heard.

Sky and sea, open end and open air,
Friends - that's what we like to see.

Already on the Brenner
already on fire.
Already on the Brenner,
yes, that's pure joy!"


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Hoila South Tyrol, hoila Lajen..!

Finally we arrived at 2 o'clock. Now we have a beer and five hours of sleep before we start tomorrow morning with the hike. 
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1: From Laion to Regensburger Hut

For the three men of our group the first stage began just outside the front door of our base camp at Haus Tirol, while the two ladies made it with the bus to Ortisei to climb from there by cable car the first few hundred meters. Together we went through the second half of the day to the Regensburger Hut - our first destination.

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2: From Regensburger Hut to Passo Gardena

We started today with beautiful weather. The Dolomites mountain trail took us uphill around the Vallelunga from the Regensburger Hut to the lunch break at the hut Púez and then over the Cirjoch back down to the Passo Gardena. With the guesthouse Frara our second overnight destination was already waiting for us.

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3: From Passo Gardena to Piz Boè

On the third we climbed the roof of the tour. After a short hike from the guesthouse Frara the way turns from a horizontal trail into a vertical mountain climb. We took our first brake at the hut Pisciadu. After a short refreshment we followed mountain trails and climbs over rocks upwards to the hut Boè with an altitude of 2.871 meters. 

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4: From Piz Boè to Langkofel hut

The mountain guides gave us big hands while the Sunday-hikers were wondering about our plans for today.  In sub-zero temperatures we started to descend from the Piz Boè, we found 25 late summer degrees in the mountain forests down and up again to Passo Sella before the temperatures fell almost back to the freezing point on the way up to the Langkofelscharte. After another descent we reached the Rifugio Vicenza, our penultimate stopover - but unfortunately, only four of us.

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5: From Rifugio Vicenca to Schlern

The descent from the Rifugio Vicenza was wrapped into dense clouds and fog. Almost mystical lights and perspectives from another world accompanied us up to the Zierser Alpe, where we took our well-deserved and more than necessary lunch before we went up to the Schlernhaus. The Schlern received us, as we had passed the Sasso Lungo: packed in clouds.

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6: From Schlernhaus to Ortisei

Today hiked down the Schlern and crossed the Seiser Alm which was like an open photo album of Val Gardena and of our tour during the last days. In the cool morning air we put on our hiking boots for the last time. During the day the weather turns better and better and so it was again a great final leg to the cable car down to Ortisei.

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Still overwhelmed 

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There a lot of first pictures in the image gallery.

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Whats next..?

There is a trans-alp trail from Munich to Venice - just saying...

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Tour-Description Val Gardena 2000 (G2K)

There is a detailed description of the tour on - but only in German